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The weather in California can change in an instant. That is why Garner Roofing is always on call and ready to go. Our Emergency Roof Repair team is ready for action at any time. Since 1991, Garner Roofing  have helped residential home owners and businesses recover from severe weather damage with fast professional roof repair services. We offer temporary covering or permanent repair 24 hours a day with fast friendly service. Look no farther just call Garner!

Garner Roofing uses a collaboration of experienced roofing professionals that allows residential home owners and commercial companies to have a one source solution for all their roofing needs. Garner Roofing also has applicator agreements in place for repairs and installation of all major manufacturers.

Garner Roofing has also used its vast experience in reconstructing roofs from weather damage to create a pre-planning team for your home or facility. Garner Roofing can consult and offer your viable solutions that will help protect your roof in even the most violent of conditions. Garner Roofing’s years of experience with California weather has taught the company valuable lessons so don’t wait another minute. Have Garner Roofing check your roof today!

We at Garner roofing are confident that you will be 100% satisfied with your new roofing system. Click Here to learn about Garner Roofing's Written Guarantees. 

We also bring to you the power of Sun through our Solar division. Get in touch and claim the incredible discounts we offer, when you bundle Roofing and Solar. 

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