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Replacing and Caring for your Gutters

Your gutters and downspouts perform an important job in funneling rainwater away from your house, so it's important to keep them free-flowing.  Everyone needs help cleaning gutters safely, Garner Roofing can clean your gutters & downspouts for you.

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The Dangers of Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters are unsightly and dangerous to the integrity of your home. Debris (leaves, pine needles, twigs etc.) that pile up in your gutters, form clogs and dams, which cause water to run over, not into the gutter. Overflowing water can cause:

Damage to your fascia and soffit

Dry Rot


Mold development

Ground erosion

Cracks in the foundation and basement flooding

 Replace your gutters now.

Your old gutters are most likely rusted, leaking, broken, detached and falling apart at the seams.  Downspouts have missing clamps and screws coming loose from the home.  Upgrade your small 4”to 5” gutters to our new 7” powder coated seamless rain gutters, downspouts and lifetime gutter covers. Your home will thank you!

Gutter Covers

offer a solution to these problems by protecting your gutters from leaves and debris. However, many gutter cover designs have inbuilt issues and flaws. One of the problems with gutter covers is water getting behind the gutters and rotting out your soffits. Systems which slide under the bottom row of shingles prevent this from happening. Premier Gutter Covers installs under the bottom row of shingles ensuring that no water gets behind your gutters.

Premier Gutter Covers' innovative design combines the best of all designs and ensures that no debris gets into your gutters and we can install the Premier Gutter Cover on all types of roof: Metal, Composition, Slate, Tile, Shake, and copper. In most cases, Garner Roofing can install the Premier Gutter Covers with your existing gutters, which saves you a considerable amount of money. The covers come with various powder-coated colors: White, Black, Brown, green, red, tan,clay, etc., to suit your property.

The expanded metal holes angle in such a fashion as to allow debris to go over the holes while water goes through them. This keeps pine needles from getting trapped and building up in the gutter. The holes are too small for wasps to enter so there are no issues with insects building nests which can clog the downspouts. Premier Gutter Cover's Sleek, low profile design makes it virtually invisible except when standing above the gutter line. Unlike the hood designs, Premier Gutter Cover does not change the look of your home.

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